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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Choose Your Wedding Chocolatier Wisely!

Middle-Class Martha doesn't do anything middle of the road and apparently that applies to advertising.   I am taking an enterpeurneurial advertising and marketing class currently.   The teacher is the CEO and President of Itancan LLC, Lesa Crowe.  Last month, we were assigned the task of designing a post card for mailings.   The above magazine advertisement is a result of Mrs. Crowe's idea and our meeting.   It  was later entered into a national advertising competition called the Communicator Awards.  It won a Silver Communicator Award of Distinction!   Last month, I had no idea this award even existed.   I simply smile every time I see the advertisement.

Middle-Class Martha has been a busy bee this year!  My small chocolatierie opened in October 2012 within a small business incubator system.   It has been an interesting road trip trying to find a middle line between social media, guerilla marketing, advertisting, customer service, product placement, community service and keeping true north on your vision for the company's future.

Here are 2 pictures from some of my chocolate projects this year.

A proto-type of a dark chocolate shoe filled with truffles and matching milk chocolate sea salted toffee clutch, I made for a JWL Gala auction basket.   My first attempt with using colored cocoa butter.

Literally a busy bee!   I have been exclusively taking custom orders.  I made the above dark chocolate dipped short bread cookie with fresh grated nutmeg, included in a custom bee basket for someone's grandmother Bea.

I hope to post a few new recipes soon.   I am entering a small business plan competition tomorrow.
Oh Honey, I need a sweet relaxing weekend.   

ENJOY your weekend!
Middle-Class Martha 


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