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Thursday, February 17, 2011

White Chocolate Blueberry Bread Pudding in a Crockpot Recipe and FUNNY STORY!

White Chocolate Blueberry Bread PuddingBefore Cooking

Middle-Class Martha had a bit of a White Trash Martha day!   I had a MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) meeting today.   I made an amazing White Chocolate Blueberry Bread Pudding this morning but also had to deliver the Favor boxes filled with sea-salted caramels to a fellow member.  In addition, I was in charge of the icebreaker.   I stayed up late trying to decide which Ice Breaker to try, going over the MOPS International Facebook page ideas.   I decided on “Which Pie are you and Why?”   Cheesy, Yes!  Necessary, Nonetheless!

Did I mention I was running behind?  Despite My 5AM Alarm, I find myself running to the store for French bread at 6AM.  I actually forgot the MAIN INGREDIENT!  Bygones!  I coax my printer, which was low on ink to print the remaining two sheets for the icebreaker.   I showered, got ready for my meeting and dropped the kids off at school.  I ran back home to pick up the chocolates and the crock-pot bread pudding.   I even found the small dog, who ran passed me when I went out to take the trash to the curb.  I found the dog named “NEMO,” remained hiding in the house, while I was “SWEETLY” calling his name.  Thanks to my Chocolate Laboratory, who was staring through the backdoor, straight at him, hiding under the sofa, with a look of “HAHA you’re going to get it, you made her LAAATEEE!” 
Finishing Touch on Favor Boxes...CUTE!
I arrive slightly late to the meeting but barely noticeable.  I discover, I do not have enough hand to carry the HOT Crock-pot and the CHOCOLATE favor boxes, which Can NOT touch the crock-pot and the Syrup that MUST NOT get on the boxes of Chocolate.   I grab my purse and devise a plan.   Being a Mom is kind of like being a pack mule so I am well equipped for this particular task.
I made it inside and took my seat before anyone was even aware I had been late.

After the meeting I help clean up and easily walk to my car having already delivered the chocolates.   I stopped by Walgreens to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy.  I waited patiently.   The Pharmacy Tech is now staring at me a little more than usual.    She asked if I need anything else and shoots an expectant glance at my purse.  I say no and while reaching for my pocketbook, discover the syrup bottle I had stowed neatly in the “saddle bag” of a purse I carry.  I look embarrassed but just reply, “it’s syrup”.  Thank Goodness, it is only syrup.  Walgreens doesn’t carry syrup, DO THEY???  What if they think I shoplifted it?   Oh, No!  At least I have 30 - 40 witnesses that saw me with a syrup bottle this morning.  Then I notice the large serving spoon I had stashed in there too, while trying to carry the crock-pot out to the car.  I simply say, “I had a MOPS Meeting” and leave it at that.   Imagining the gossip in town to twist this into “Don’t be LATE to MOPS or they will force you to carry a syrup bottle in your purse as a reminder”
The Bread Pudding did turn out great and White Chocolate for a White Trash Martha Day….Even Better!
Breakfast: White Chocolate Blueberry Bread Pudding in a Crockpot 
Cook Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes
               1/2 cup dried blueberries
               3 Tbsp bourbon *“applecider”
               4 oz. white chocolate chips
               4 Tbsp. butter cubed
               6 cups stale French bread
               4-5 eggs
               1/3 cup sugar
               1 cup heavy cream
               1 teaspoon vanilla
               1-2 tsp Cinnamon(optional)

1. Soak the Blueberries in Bourbon or Apple Cider for 30 mins…I used apple cider since my MOPS group is a Christian group that meets at a Baptist Church.   I will use bourbon when I am cooking at home. 
2. Coat the entire inside (the Crock) of a 3-½ quart slow cooker with butter-flavored cooking spray. Or just a stick of butter.
3.    Cube the French Bread
4.    Drain the liquid off of the fruit
5.    Layer in the Crock-pot starting with half of French bread cubes
6.    Follow with half of the blueberries
7.    Follow with half of white choc.chips
8.    Follow with half of the cubed butter
9.    Repeat steps 5-8
10.  In a medium bowl, whisk eggs and sugar until smooth.
11.  Whisk in Heavy cream and Vanilla to bowl until well mixed
12.  Pour egg mixture over the French bread
13.  Gently Press down on the bread to ensure it is covered with egg mixture
14.Cook for 1 hour and 45 mins with the LID ON.  DO NOT LIFT
THE LID during the cooking time until the bread has gotten puffy and a solid bread pudding has formed.

I served mine with Syrup, kept warm in my purse….(a little joke, but let that be a lesson to all of you, NEVER BE LATE!) on the side.   I did not have time to make a delicious sauce.  

Check back later for a Vanilla drizzling sauce and a butter rum sauce

FOR FUN:  A copy of the Pie icebreaker adapted\ borrowed for MOPS Facebook page but pie number 9 and10 are all mine...What kind of chocolatier would I be if I left out chocolate cream pie?

 Choose a favorite pie that describes you….AND WHY?    
1.        1. Cherry
2.    2. Blueberry
3.    3. Apple
4.    4. Pecan
5.    5. Lemon Meringue
6.    6. Banana Cream
7.    7. Pumpkin
8.    8. Coconut
9.    9 Chocolate Cream
1010. Make-up your own Pie (any type you like)

Cherry – Of course you’re edgy, and outgoing. You are the most spontaneous of ...this bunch, and are most likely to sky dive.

Blueberry – You like nature and are a determined, easy-going soul. Would an uptight person eat blueberries knowing that they stain? Exactly.

Apple – You’re All-American, traditional, and predictable. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so you might be a bit boring as well, but healthy.

Pecan – You like the simple things in life, but because pecan pie is super delicious and sweet, you secretly seek more love in your life.

Lemon Meringue – Congratulations you are the most sassiest and lively one of them all. Even though lemons seem refreshing, when you bite into a lemon meringue pie you enjoy the fact that it surprises you with tartness.

Banana Cream – Ok overachiever, we know you secretly want to relax and let someone else take control.

Pumpkin – If you crave pumpkin pie, you probably live in the past because it reminds you of your childhood. Everyone knows the best part of eating pumpkin pie is the cool whip you pile on top. So you also enjoy the present moment.

Coconut – This is an easy one. You do not live in reality, and would rather be living on a beach

Chocolate Pie – Congratulations! You are the sweetest and most sophisticated pie. 

Make-up your own Pie – You don’t like to play by others rules, perhaps a trouble maker?… You definitely, creatively color, outside the lines of life J


  1. Um,Chess pie, not listed, guess that makes me a rebel. Glad you found a good recipe from Mr. Breakfast, it looks really good!

  2. Thanks but the recipe isn't from Mr. Breakfast. I searched online for some recipes that were similar to my mother-in-laws breakfast casserole but didn't find what I wanted. It was too late to call her so what is a chocolate lover to do but improvise :)

  3. I should add, THANK YOU for telling me about Mr. Breakfast.
    I LOVE his website! Everything Breakfast all the time = heaven. At my house sometimes Breakfast is for dinner so I will be checking in with Mr. Breakfast a lot. You are a super cyber-detective! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh No! How embarrassing. Well, I think you're right - Walgreens doesn't sell syrup . . . or do they? Not sure. That is a pretty random thing to be carrying in your purse. I hope the little dog survived.

  5. I haven't tried making bread pudding on a crock pot.but that syrup in the bag is pretty funny.I followed you from the foodie blog roll and I'd love to guide Foodista readers to your site. I hope you could add this bread pudding widget at the end of this post so we could add you in our list of food bloggers who blogged about recipes for bread pudding,Thanks!