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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Mini Violas,  Mini Roses and Strawberry Blossoms

Middle-Class Martha is so Excited!  Being a Chocolatier, not only do I get to dive into chocolate everyday as a job but also companies send me FREE stuff to sample.
My first sample to review is by a company named Crystallized Flower Company, who specializes in crystallized edible flowers.   The flowers arrived today and they are beautiful!  In exchange for these free products, they would like me to make a creative dessert and send them a picture for their website. 
Bonus, recipe creation is one of my Favorite activities.
They sent me a variety of flowers including: Crystallized Sechuan Buttons, Mini Violas, Strawberry Blossoms, Micro-Mini Roses & Sugar Rose Petal Confetti.  I am most excited about the sechuan buttons.  They are said to cause a tingling sensation and numbness in your mouth.  Very exciting!  This company is believed to be the only company in the world to sell them in candied form.  All flowers are shelf stable for one year.
Sechuan Buttons

Interesting!  I just couldn’t wait to try.  At first the Sechuan button is extremely tart with almost a lemony zing and then tingle as it dissolves in your mouth  It is equivalent to a gastronomic version of a 1st time ride on a roller coaster.  As the anticipation builds, first the tart then as the tingling becomes more intense….I started thinking, oh no what have I done?... knowing I can’t get off of this ride.   I was relieved once the tingling sensation weakened and ready to go again.  This is a 10-minute sensation that I intend to repeat again and again.   It was very similar to a tart pop rock candy sensation, without the constant popping.  Now hmm?  What chocolate recipe would be most enhanced by this experience???

Sugar Rose Petal Confetti

The ideas are already racing through my head. 

I hope to be posting some delicious pictures and recipes in a few days!

Middle-Class Martha

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